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Muang Chiang Mai Stadium

Muang Chiang Mai Stadium

The Muang Chiang Mai Stadium is an outdoor stadium that serves as a popular running route for locals, ex-pats, and visitors.

Located off Chang Phuak Road, it is one of the best places to go for a run, especially if you enjoy the perfect mild weather of the city all year round.

Muang Chiang Mai Stadium, Athletics & Running Track & Playground

Getting here is a quick run from the old town, and many locals with their children love to gather here because it’s a cool place to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. Even if you aren’t going for a run, it’s an excellent spot for people-watching. You can also sit for a few hours to enjoy alone or with your travel companions, as you eat or drink here. Just be sure to clean up after yourself.

There is no entrance fee to hang out here or even run around the premises, so it’s truly a hidden gem in the city.

The stadium also has a wonderful playground that the kids will love. They include western equipment as well as excellent slides, mini rock climbing, sea saw, and some metal equipment. The playground is located under a cool shaded area thanks to lots of trees, so it doesn’t get too hot here. Parents or guardians can take a seat at one of the nearby benches as the kids enjoy a few hours of play.

The soccer field at the centre of the stadium is where many large football events are held. You can choose to run on the track, or in the soccer field; either way, it’s fine as long as there are no games ongoing.

During the early evening, the Muang Chiang Mai Stadium gets busier as this is usually the most popular time to go for a run. During certain days, some locals also use this venue to get together for some aerobics.

It’s a terrific little community centre and one that plays a vital role for the locals in Chiang Mai.

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