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Chiang Mai Design Week

Chiang Mai Design Week

The Chiang Mai Design Week transforms this charming northern Thai City into a bustling creative and design hub.

The annual event is well-attended by many of the country’s most talented designers, artists, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs, who get to interact with attendees from all corners of the globe.

Chiang Mai Design Week 2020, Dates, Venue Locations & Program Times

The dates for the festival change each year, although they are typically held over a few days sometime in December or January. The event is organised by the Thailand Creative and Design Centre and was initially conceptualised to expose local artists to the international art scene by making it open to ex-pats and tourists.

What makes this festival so special is that almost any kind of art you’ve seen in Thailand is represented here. There are hundreds of stalls by various designers and shops, showcasing fashion of all kinds, incredible jewellery, beautiful bags, furniture, and much more. Each year, Chiang Mai Design Week has a distinct theme, but all events are still focused on highlighting the raw artistic talent of locals. As you walk around and get to meet the artists behind the spectacular works of art, you’ll understand why Chiang Mai is such a creative hotbed for world-class art.

Aside from stalls selling their artistic wares, the event also invites everyone to come and join their workshops, talks, dialogues, and other activities. There’s no better way to get to know the local community better than by attending, as representatives from international organisations, architecture, graphic and fashion design, and other creative industries are in full force each year.

To make your way through the labyrinth of stalls, make use of the event map produced by the Thailand Creative and Design Centre. This will help you find the stalls and boutiques that interest you the most while helping you discover new establishments.

Event Dates

TBA - December 2020

Event Times



Multiple Venues


All Over Chiang Mai, including: TCDC Chiang Mai Chiang Mai City Arts & Culture Center Chiang Mai Historical Centre Weave Artisan Society Lanna Folklife Museum Lanna Architecture Center
Chiang Mai, Thailand

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+66 52 080 500



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