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Chiang Mai Taxis
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Chiang Mai Taxis

Licensed taxis around Chiang Mai is a relatively new addition to the local transport options. However, finding one on the streets can be difficult.

It seems as though all of the taxis wait at the airport since it’s the most efficient way to get to town with all your belongings.

Chiang Mai Taxis, Airport Service Rates, Meter Prices & City Fare Costs

Other places you may stumble across a few taxis are the bus station, railway station, some hotels, and certain malls. If you prefer to hire a private taxi over other forms of transport available in the city, you can ask your hotel to book one for you. There is also the option of asking the driver for his mobile phone number so that you can message him in case you need a ride.

It’s ideal to get the numbers of at least two taxi drivers in case one is not available. They charge by the meter, and getting around in the city will cost anywhere from 100 to 250 baht – depending on the distance.

GRAB is Southeast Asia’s answer to Uber, and travellers can easily book private cars and taxis by downloading the app. They offer regular taxi bookings, as well as private cars and songthaews. If you choose to book a taxi through the app, a small booking fee is added on top of the metered fare. This is by far the most convenient way to get a taxi in Chiang Mai.

If you’re open to something a little more adventurous because taxis can be challenging to find, you may want to consider using the songthaews. These bright red pickup trucks cruise around town and are easy to spot. It costs around 20 baht for each person but may be more depending on the location you want to go to. Flagging a songthaew is easy from a sidewalk, raise your hand to hail one.

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