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Phrae was previously the capital of the Lanna Kingdom of Thailand and is best known for having one of the largest teak forests in the country.

You can get to Phrae via bus from Chiang Mai, as the bus station is about 1km from the city centre.

Phrae Province Thailand, Hotel & Guest House Accommodation Map

Today, you will find intricate teak homes constructed using traditional Thai architectural practices. You will notice these striking houses when you tour the old fortified city. There is also a more modern city which has been constructed around these homes which forms the most part of the city today.

You can get around the township of Phrae on foot, as it is very compact. However there are scooter taxi’s available as well as pedal tricycles who can take you around town for a fee. Make sure to settle on a price before getting in, most short trips should cost no more than 40 THB.

For those interested in markets, there are three located in town. One on the way to the Yom River and two night markets which sell souvenirs and tasty authentic Thai dishes.

There is also a museum and many temples located around town. Nature lovers can head to one of the national parks located nearby including Phae Muang Phi, Wiang Kosai National Park and Doi Pha Klong National Park. The Phae Mueang Phi Forest Park is located about 10kms from town as has many rocky areas which make for an interesting landscape. Wiang Kosai National Park has some beautiful waterfalls and rivers which make for some lovely hiking experiences.

There are many accommodation options located in Phrae including hotels, guest houses and retreats. Click the link below to explore the full range of accommodation options

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