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Pai is a popular destination for travellers as it is a small rural town located in the northern parts of Thailand and has a casual and relaxed vibe.

There are many things to do whilst in Pai including hikes and waterfalls, visiting the night market, enjoying food and drinks in the many venues around town, checking out the canyon or simply relaxing.

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One of the most popular activities to enjoy in Pai are visiting the Land Split, the Pai Canyon, Mo Paeng Waterfall, Hot Springs and Caves.

There is also a popular night market in Pai held every evening which sells tasty food and drinks, hand crafted items, artworks and souvenirs. Prices can be bartered and there are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby where you can stop and people watch for a while.

Getting from Chiang Mai to Pai is easy, with a number of options available. Connecting Chiang Mai to Pai is route 1095, a steep road that snakes its way across the landscape with a hilly and windy journey. The most common way to travel to Pai is via a bus which leaves from the Arcade Bus Station, which is located 3kms north-east of the old city.

A mini-bus journey takes around 3.5 hours and costs a cheap 150 THB. The buses have air-conditioning and stop once along the journey for a toilet stop. Travellers should note that if you get motion sickness, you may feel ill on this journey as the route is very windy with constant twists and turns for the full 3.5 hours. Most travellers are fine, but it is worth noting if you get car sick. Tickets can be bought on the day as there are many regular trips throughout the day. If you purchase from a ticket agent ahead of time, the price is only 170THB but may also include transfer from your hotel.

Those who want to make the journey themselves, can take a motorbike or scooter as the journey is only 150kms. That said, the 150kms is a hilly, windy road with many accidents occurring on a daily basis. So this journey is only advised if you are an experienced rider.

There is plenty of accommodation in and around Pai which include hotels, guest houses and retreats. Click the links here to browse the range of accommodation options available.

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