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Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle

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The Golden Triangle is the name given to the region in far north Thailand where the border meets with Myanmar and Laos.

The region covers 950,000 square kilometres and is best known for the opium production and has previously been the worlds leading heroin producer. Today however, the area is a popular tourist spot with thousands of visitors coming here each year.

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The Golden Triangle is located at the meeting point of Thailand’s Mekong and Ruak Rivers. Therefore boat cruises along the Mekong are very popular here with visitors often taking a boat from Thailand over into Laos for a short day trip.

There are a number of temples and markets located at the Golden Triangle, making it a great place to explore. Most people come by a guided bus tour which includes transfers in a mini-bus as well as a guide, lunch and a few attractions.

The main attractions on the Thai side of the border include Phra That Doi Pu Khao temple, Hall of Opium Golden Triangle Park which is an interesting museum with plenty of opium exhibitions and displays and the House of Opium museum which is a smaller, private museum.

One of the most popular activities to enjoy is to take a boat ride over to an island in the Mekong River called Don Sao. Although the island belongs to Laos, visitors do not require a Laos Visa to go to this island. As soon as you get off the boat, you will see a market where you can buy everything from knock-off designer bags and purses, to snake whiskey. If you are not going to Dong Sao as part of a pre-organised tour, you can go by yourselves and the trip will cost around 500 THB per person.

There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat around the Golden Triangle as well as a cold drink. There are some limited accommodation choices located around here which mostly consist of guesthouse type of accommodations.

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