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H M The Kings Birthday

His Majesty the Late King’s Birthday

The 5th of December every year marks the celebration of the late King’s Birthday, as this is the day that His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, was born.

The monarchy in Thailand is esteemed as a solid institution that has played a key role in unifying Thais from all walks of life, part of the reason why the locals look for befitting ways to honour and appreciate monarchs.

His Majesty the Late King’s Birthday 2020 Dates Public Holiday, Chiang Mai Thailand

More importantly, the monarchy system has been blended into the constitution, thus preserving the dignity of the Thai King while allowing the natives to exercise their democratic right.

As a unifying symbol of the Thai people, it is little wonder that on the eve of H.M The King’s Birthday, thousands upon thousands of Thais gather in various temples around Chiang Mai to wish the former King a happy birthday.

The festivities are marked by light decorations in Thai homes, government institutions and private companies across the country. In the spirit of these celebrations, it is common to come across individuals feeding monks as a gesture of appreciation.

The celebrations are a remarkable way to indulge in Thailand’s rich cultural heritage. Often, there will be a ceremony early in the morning followed by a parade near Tha Phae Gate. There is also often fireworks after dark.

Visitors should note that they may not be able to purchase alcohol on this date and anyone drinking alcohol in the streets can get in trouble by the police. It is best to enjoy a drink in your hotel room on this day.

Event Dates

05 December 2020

Event Times

All day


All Over Thailand


Celebrations are held at different locations around Chiang Mai; including: - Tha Pae Gate - Buak Hard Public Park
Chiang Mai, Thailand

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