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Lamphun is a quiet town in northern Thailand, one that is best known for its administrative position as the headquarters of Lamphun Province.

The town’s history dates back to the 9th century when it was founded as the headquarters of the ancient civilisation and what would be the last of the Mon Kingdom. The town’s construction was inspired by the shape of the conch shell, thanks to its proximity to Khuang River.

Lamphun Province Hotel Accommodation & Guest House Map, Thailand

The town is also close to Chiang Mai, another popular region in Northern Thailand. Due to its strategic location, the town is a perfect base for a full day’s activities away from Chiang Mai. Plan to spend a day here as there are key attractions which are a must-see.

Make sure you get a tour of the revered temple known as Wat Phra That Haripunjaya. This riverside temple features intricate Buddha stupas. Also, make time to go to Wat Cham Devi, which is fondly referred to as Wat Kukut by the locals. The Buddha stupas at this temple take a unique square shape. Make sure to dress respectfully at the temples with knees and shoulders covered.

Luang Pha Waing Cave is also located just a 45 minute drive from the city and can be accessed by a short walk up a hill that will take around 10 minutes. Lamphun is also well known for the Lamphun Longan Festival which celebrates the local fruit grown in Lamphun known as “longan”. Held each year on the Queens Birthday (12 August), this festival is celebrated with a parade, musical performances and fireworks.

Make sure to stop by the local market during your visit as you will be able to purchase local Thai food, as well as unique souvenirs.

There is accommodation available in and around Lamphun which mostly consists of hotels and guest houses. Click the link to explore the range of accommodation options available around this region.

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