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Sunflower Blooming Season

Sunflower Blooming Season

The Sunflower Blooming Season occurs in Chiang Mai during the winter season, from November to December each year.

Northern Thailand is home to scenic landscapes, but perhaps nothing rivals the beauty of the sunflower gardens in Mae Hong Son, one of the best spots to view the Sunflowers in Chiang Mai.

Sunflower Blooming Season Chiang Mai 2023/2024 Dates, Thailand

The landscape of Mae Hong Son changes remarkably during the Sunflower Blooming Season as the entire region is delightfully painted in hues of yellow.

The flowers are spread out over an expansive garden of about 400 hectares, and the most fantastic time to see the fields is at sunrise or sunset. The blooming flowers are not the sole attraction to this part of Chiang Mai, as the weather during this period is rather pleasant. For this reason, tourists get to enjoy a wide array of activities. The location of the sunflower gardens makes it easy to tour and sample other attractions in the region.

The two main places to best enjoy the flower festival during this time is Doi Mai U-Kho, in Khun Yuam district, and the other is at Doi Mae Hoh, in Mae Sariang district. These festivals are lively and fun and offer many activities, including exhibitions, local performances, sports, games and stalls arranged by local hill-tribe people.

The Chiang Mai Sunflower Blooming Season is a must-experience whenever you travel to Northern Thailand in November and December.


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From Chiang Mai, use the Highway 108 south - passing through Chom Thong, around to Mae Sariang and then up until your reach Khun Yuam Now drive east along Highway 1236 for 26 km to reach Doi Mae U-Kho, Mae Suek, Mae Chaem

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