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Wat Klang Wiang

Wat Klang Wiang is a temple located in Chiang Rai and has elaborate pattern work on every structure, making it a unique and beautiful temple.

The temple was originally built in 1432 and its structures have stood the test of time for many years. It used to be known as Wat Chantalok and changed its name when the second building was constructed on site.

Wat Klang Wiang Buddhist Temple & Dress Code Chiang Rai, Thailand

Severely damaged by a storm in 1903, the temple had to be rebuilt by the locals back to its former glory. Today, the temple’s main structures include the spectacular chedi, the library that houses Buddha’s scriptures, the viharn as well as the ubosot.

The elegant chedi are arranged in three tiers, each a little smaller than the last. Inside the temple is the ubosot, is a sizeable hall that provides space for monk ordination sessions. This hall is decorated with a range of colours, and is home to various images of mythological beings.

Due to the temples location right in the centre of town, it is the location of the city pillar which is kept inside a shrine. You will find the temple right near the clock tower in Chiang Rai.

As with all temples in Thailand, visitors must ensure they are dressed respectfully. This includes covering knees, shoulders and midriffs.

Rattanakheat Rd
At the intersection of Uttarakit
Wiang, Chiang Rai

Operating Hours
8am - 4.30pm

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