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Ban Sao Nak

Ban Sao Nak

Ban Sao Nak is a marvellous historical wooden home that provides a glimpse into family life back in the olden days.

This historic home, now over a century old, stands out for its striking architecture and has been well-preserved through the years to welcome and educate visitors about the rich history of Lampang.

Ban Sao Nak Wooden House, Opening Hours & Ticket Prices, Lampang

Its name translates to ‘house of many pillars’, due to the presence of many impressive teak posts. In fact, there is a total of around 116 columns; a testament to the teak harvesting past of Lampang. Both Thai and Burmese influences are present throughout the home’s design. The wooden house was built back in 1895, during the reign of King Rama V, by Mong Chan Ong.

This beautiful old house is a popular tourist attraction and a beautiful architectural work of art that will impress visitors of all ages. Not only will its facade catch your eye, but its interiors and impeccable details are worth spending a few hours exploring. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find amazing pieces that tell a story of a life gone past. There is an ancient casket, a container for areca nut, a machine that was used to crease cloth, and dozens of furniture that are so intricately designed with wood and other traditional fabrics.

The ceramics and lacquer found here are exquisite demonstrations of local talent, and outside the house, there are several other displays to explore such as the rice barn and an old buggy. Look out for the majestic Saraphi tree outside the house, which is more than 120 years old. The house may be rented for events such as private dinners and seminars.

Ban Sao Nak is located at 6 Ratwatthana Road in the Wiang Nuea area of Lampang – open from 10am to 5pm daily. To get here, simply cross the river then follow the signs that lead you here.

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