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Centralplaza Chiang Rai

CentralPlaza Chiang Rai

CentralPlaza Chiang Rai is a beautiful modern shopping centre and the very first high-end opened mall here.

it was designed with features that allow guests to enjoy the scenic natural environment while providing modern amenities and shops – all within one location.

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This shopping mall is unique, very much unlike Bangkok’s big department stores or the night markets that are ubiquitous in Thailand. What makes this centre so special is that the builders carefully thought out its design, the concept, and the materials used so that it doesn’t take away from the natural beauty of its location.

Native plants were chosen to enhance the mall’s northern section while complementing the ecological balance. One of the highlights of the landscape and design is the use of the Red Silk Cotton Tree, locally called the Ngiew Tree. It is a beautiful ornamental plant that is also used as an ingredient in local delicacies. Come for a visit between January to March, when the bright orange flowers of the tree bloom vividly.

CentralPlaza was built by a company called SHMA, who collaborated with Master Somluk Pantiboon – a famous earth artist. Together, they created a 5-piece floating sculpture which floats over cascading water – truly a sight to behold! The sculpture, which is made of ceramic, is the focal point of the building and was meant to depict the life cycle of the Red Silk Cotton Tree – from budding to withering.

Within the mall, there are dozens of shops and services available. Food courts offer local and international food, as well as fast food. There are local and international fashion, health, beauty, and food shops for all your needs. Services such as pharmacies, watch and jewellery repair, tour operators, and clinics are also found here.

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