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Chang Phuak Gate

Chang Phuak Gate

The Chang Phuak Gate is a historic landmark and iconic symbol of Chiang Mai.

What you see today is the remnants of the old wall, which has an important significance to the locals. It’s also around where most tourist attractions and shops in the city are built around.

Chang Phuak Gate History, Night Market, Address, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Its name actually literally translates to White Elephant Gate. Legend has it that the gate was given its name because on the north end of the city, you could find the head of the city. The king back then would arrive in the city using this very gate, while riding on a white or albino elephant. This is why there is a white elephant statue built on the city’s northern side.

But for tourists, the gate is notable because this is where you’ll find the best night market in Chiang Mai. Once the sun goes down, vendors start to prop their stalls, preparing for a busy evening in a flurry of activity. The food here is superb; only the best Lanna (northern Thai) cuisine is found here and everything is so affordable. Don’t miss the famous cowgirl of Chiang Mai; a lady donning a cowboy hat at the front of the market selling a legendary stewed pork leg dish that has been written about the world over.

Aside from local food, the Chang Phuak Gate night market also sells Japanese and Chinese cuisine. While you’re here, a visit to this particular market should not be missed; but make sure to bring your appetite. Opposite the gate, there is another wonderful market which is abundant with fresh smoothies, fruits, and produce during the day.

Just like all the markets in this area, you can expect the prices to be so low that you’ll want to have more than just one dish! From seafood to vegetarian dishes, there’s a delicious meal here waiting to be had.

The night markets are open from 5pm to 11pm.

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