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Cherntawan International Meditation Center

Cherntawan International Meditation Center

The Cherntawan International Meditation Center is one of Chiang Rai’s top spiritual destinations.

Tucked within a relaxing, lush environment, the centre is named after a famous Buddhist monk in Thailand. It is surrounded by beautiful natural attractions, including a small shimmering lake.

Cherntawan International Meditation Center, Address & Details, Chiang Rai

The main hall of the centre has been exquisitely designed in teak wood. Take a walk through the garden after your meditation to see the charming statues of four large monks; one of them covers his ears, another covers his eyes, another revealing his heart, and the last one covering his mouth. These statues are not only adorable, but they do have important cultural significance to the locals because they are famous representations of the lovable personality of the Thais.

This area is incredibly serene, and it’s a must-visit whether you meditate or not. Even if you’ve never meditated in your life before, this place is the perfect location to try it for the first time. Many visitors to Chiang Rai drop by to see the lake, visit the main hall, stroll through the garden, and feed the fish. You can even come to have coffee here if you’re looking to get away from the busy areas.

There are no admission fees involved to visit the Cherntawan Meditation Center. If you are interested in meditating, go for a visit and look for a monk; the best part is that they can all speak English very well. However, keep in mind the proper etiquette when visiting here; you should adhere to the same practices as to when visiting any other Thai temple. Be sure to dress modestly and adequately (cover shoulders and knees); be quiet, remove your shoes before entering the buildings, don’t point to the image of Buddha, and avoid smoking.

217 Moo 25
Huai Sak, Mueang Chiang Rai

Opening Hours
8am - 5pm

Phone Number
+66 87 080 7779

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