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Chiang Mai Gate

Chiang Mai Gate

The Chiang Mai gate is part of one of the most iconic landmarks in Chiang Mai; once serving as a fortress for what was known as the Old City.

Today, this attraction still functions as a geographical boundary but attracts tourists who come to marvel at its splendid architecture.

Chiang Mai Gate History, Address Location, Night Market, Hotels & Hostels

The gate has been part of northern Thailand’s rich history, dating back to the 13th century. Since Chiang Mai was once the seat of the capital of the Lanna Kingdom, the wall was erected under the command of the king back then.

It also has a moat adjacent to it, and many big gates to add to its defensive measures in the event of an attack. Historically, the army of the Mongol Empire in Burma was the biggest threat to the Lanna Kingdom. The following centuries saw a number of small invasions; even tourists and locals were caught trying to climb the wall. This left much of it in a poor state, although a significant majority of it is largely intact. Local authorities have also had parts of it rebuilt to preserve its rich heritage.

It’s easy to say that much of the local tourism industry has literally built itself around the gate. The area around it has the highest concentration of hotels, restaurants, bars, markets, shops, spas, and other tourist establishments compared to other parts of the city. In fact, many tourists prefer to stay near the gate because it means that you will be in close proximity to everything you’ll want and need while here.

The Chiang Mai gate is not too far away from the famous Night Bazaar, as well as several notable temples. Walk a little further and you’ll discover the charming Riverside area.

The best time to visit is on Saturday nights when live bands and food markets transform the streets around the gate and make it come alive with song, food, and a lively atmosphere.

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