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Chiang Mai South Gate Market

Chiang Mai South Gate Market

The Chiang Mai South Gate Market, also known as the Bumrung Buri Market, is one of the best in the province.

Located along Bumrung Buri Road, this is one of the lesser-known markets which for many is part of the draw.

Chiang Mai South Gate Market Opening Hours, Address, Food & Produce

Unlike the Sunday Walking Street Markets or the other more popular ones, there are significantly fewer tourists which makes it an enjoyable shopping experience.

Locals flock here because it’s known for cheap but amazing eats. In fact, whether you’re a budget traveller or not, you shouldn’t miss this market because its solid reputation for delicious food is not without reason – but you’ll have to see for yourself. Make sure to come hungry because there are dozens of stalls selling the tastiest and most authentic curries, pad thai, soups, clay pot dishes, and so much more.

There is a small square where visitors can take a seat and dine on their meals amongst locals. The seats are only small, plastic chairs and tables. However, what it lacks for in ambience, it makes up for in quality and taste. Every Thai dish imaginable can be found here, even northern Thai favourites.

After your meal, check out one of the stalls that sell lip-smacking desserts. There are also vegetarian stalls to cater to those who subscribe to specific diets. There is so much food here that you can come every day during your trip and still never run out of things to eat and try.

The Chiang Mai South Gate Market is open every day, from early mornings to late at night. There is something for everyone here; even kids and the pickiest eaters will definitely love the food at the market. You can even stop by for a cup of coffee or juice during the day, or have all your meals here without going broke.

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