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Chiang Rai River Beach

Chiang Rai River Beach

Chiang Rai Beach is a surprising attraction in the northernmost province of Thailand.

Tourists generally wouldn’t expect a beach in the landlocked region, so this beach is a must-see while you’re in the area.

Chiang Rai River Beach Waterfront Park, Address & Opening Hours

In fact, it’s more of a river than a beach. Given the hot weather the north is prone to, a visit here is always refreshing. Locally known as Pattaya noi, sand flanks each of the rivers’ sides on the dry season. Locals come here to have fun and to cool down; there are lots of children about laughing and playing, and they even float down in rubber tubes.

Spending a day frolicking on this beach makes for good fun while giving you the opportunity to make friends with the locals. A quick swim across the river will take you to some spectacular Buddha caves.

There are small thatched bamboo huts along the side, which provide shade and a table for you to eat and drink while facing the river. The small restaurants here serve excellent local food at really cheap prices, so go on over, enjoy a feast and down it all with a Chang beer. What makes this place really special is that everything is authentically Thai, from the thatched huts to the food and drinks served here. You know that it’s good Thai when the locals themselves are enjoying it!

Most of the year, Chiang Rai Beach is usually quiet. The exception is during the Songkran, or the Thai New Year, in which all of the country celebrates the week-long holiday. Pattaya noi comes alive during this time of the year, with parties day and night. Locals and foreigners alike are all welcome at the celebrations.

The beach is a short 4 kilometres away from town. Getting there is a delightful journey in itself, as you’ll see lots of tall trees and a majestic limestone mountain.

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