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Doi Khun Tan National Park

Doi Khun Tan National Park

The Doi Khun Tan National Park is an amazing natural attraction in northern Thailand.

Tucked right between Chiang Mai and Lampang, it’s famed not just for being one of the country’s oldest national parks, but it has an incredible variety of flora, fauna and the stunning lush jungle that is such a delight to explore.

Doi Khun Tan National Park, Map, Accommodation & Bungalows, Thailand

The national park is exceptional because it remains mostly undisturbed, and you can walk amongst the plants and encounter animals that thrive in this environment. Some of the beautiful creatures you’ll find here include boar, squirrels, deer, butterflies, and much more. Keep your eyes peeled for the numerous hidden insects that live here too.

Anyone who appreciates hiking in a beautiful environment should come to the park. The main draw here is the sheer beauty of the jungle; it’s hard not to marvel at how ‘alive’ it all seems.

Bring good hiking shoes, a camera, and you’re ready to go; not much else is needed to enjoy a place as pristine as this. As a bonus, you don’t need to be an experienced hiker here because the trails are clear and well-marked.

There are a few eateries along the way, and if you need any help, the park staff are amicable and accommodating. Aside from these locally run stalls and shops on the trail itself, the rest of the park is filled with virgin jungles and stunning views all around. If you wish to stay longer, there are a few hotels nearby to choose from.

The Doi Khun Tan National Park also has a visitors’ centre, which features a small display where you can learn about the various plants and animals that thrive at the park. There are two trails to choose from; one that leads to a small waterfall, and another which leads to the Doi Khun Tan peak.

The entrance fees for foreigners are 100 baht for adults, and 50 baht for children. Additional charges will apply for parking your motorbike or vehicle. The park is open every day from roughly 8am to 6pm.

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What are the Doi Khun Tan National Park opening hours?
What are the Doi Khun Tan National Park entry prices?
Adult: 100 baht
Child / Student: 50 baht
Motorcyle: 20 baht
Vehicles: 30 baht
Land Fee: 30 baht

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