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Doi Luang National Park
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Doi Luang National Park

The Doi Luang National park is one of the biggest national parks in northern Thailand; encompassing several districts that include Mae Suai, Phan, and Wiang Pa Pao in Chiang Rai, Ngao and Wang Nuea of Lampang, and Mueang Phayao and Mae Chai of Phayao.

The park is found among the north-western area of the Phi Pan Nam mountain range and was founded in 1990 by officially combining the land area of four national parks.

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The entire area spans 1,170 square kilometres, with the highest peak being Dot Luang at 1,694 meters high. The incredibly diverse geography and landscapes here make it a top attraction for travellers who enjoy hiking, nature, and the outdoors.

The park is blanketed by different forests and is home to several species of plants and bamboo. Dozens of wild animals thrive in the protected park, which includes the common wild boar, flying lemur, civet and palm civet, common muntjak, tiger, macaques, Siamese hare, bears, and much more. It also serves as a haven to many bird species.

The park has several waterfalls that require some trekking to get to. The Pu Kaeng Waterfall is a beautiful attraction found within the park, which was naturally constructed from the accumulation of limestone and water that resulted in a stunning waterfall surrounded by several caves. The waterfalls are full of water all year round, inviting you to take a refreshing dip and relax for a while.

The Cham Pa Thong Waterfall is also found in the Doi Luang National Park; being a large waterfall that provides the nearby towns with water. The Pha Klet Nak Waterfall is another amazing sight – primarily when sunshine reflects on its currents. On a good day, you may even be able to see a rainbow here.

The Wang Keo Waterfall is one of the most well-known because of its beauty and grandeur. It has no less than 102 tiers, although less than 10 of them are significant.

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