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Eddy Elephant Care Chiang Mai

Eddy Elephant Care Chiang Mai is an elephant park where they allow visitors to ride elephants. Those wanting to visit a park that does not allow riding should visit the Elephant Nature Park instead.

Daily tours are offered and the park is located in the Mae Taeng District, around 1 hour north from Chiang Mai.

Eddy Elephant Care Chiang Mai, Elephant Bathing & Riding Tour Thailand

A typical tour will include pick up from your hotel, air-conditioned mini-van with driver, stop along the way to buy bananas at the local market, drive 1 hour to the camp, change into mahout clothing, get up close with the elephants and feed them, learn about the elephants and get instructions on riding them. The tour will then stop for a lunch break which will be provided and after lunch, visitors will ride the elephants through the jungle.

After the ride, visitors will be given an opportunity to bathe the elephants in a river and will then be transported back to Chiang Mai by bus. Be prepared for a wet muddy affair as the elephants will spray water with their trunks and there is plenty of mud. Showers are located on site and towels are provided. Overnight tours are also available for those wanting to stay longer.

71/1 Kampang Din Road

The above is the booking office, but it's mentioned that the actual Eddy Elephant Care is located around 57km south of Chiang Mai - about a 1-hour drive
Chang Khlan, Mueang Chiang Mai

Opening Hours
9am - 5pm

Phone Number
+66 86 369 9486

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