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Elephant Family Sanctuary

Elephant Family Sanctuary

If you’re looking for an ethical, wholesome elephant activity in Chiang Mai, look no further than the Elephant Family Sanctuary; located near the Karen hill tribe village, around 60 kilometres from Chiang Mai.

No elephant riding is offered here; only good old elephant fun and caretaking.

Elephant Family Sanctuary, Full & Half Day Tour Price, Chiang Mai

Meet elephants both young and old, who roam the land freely without being forced to entertain travellers as was the way of elephant experiences in the past. Times have changed, and now visitors can frolic in the mud and play with the elephants as well as their mahouts in the lush landscapes of northern Thailand.

The sanctuary was established in 2016, and they initially had only five elephants which were adopted from establishments that required them to learn tricks and take people on a ride. They now live in a beautiful area surrounded by picturesque rice terraces and vast farmlands. The land is rented from local people so that they can grow corn, bananas, and other vegetables for the elephants to consume; true to the ethos of sustainable tourism.

Half-day and full-day elephant experiences are available, which provide hotel transfers and include enjoyable activities such as visiting nearby waterfalls. Advanced reservations are necessary.

All the proceeds of your tour go to taking care of the elephants, and ensuring that they are always in good health. Providing shelter, healthcare, and food to the elephants is costly. These expenses can’t be covered all on their own, so with your help, you can do your part in taking care of the elephants just by coming for a visit.

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What are the Elephant Family Sanctuary entry prices?
Half-Day Experience: 1,7000 Baht
Full-Day Elephant Experience: 2,400 Baht

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