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Elephant Parade Land

Elephant Parade Land

The Elephant Parade Land is one of the best family-friendly activities in Chiang Mai.

Elephants take centre stage here, and they are celebrated in every way imaginable. It features a library, movie room, and a museum where children and adults can spend hours getting entertained or educated about these majestic animals.

Elephant Parade Land Opening Hours, Address & Prices, Chiang Mai

It also features a production studio, as well as a unique garden that has been decorated with life-sized structures of baby elephants. This attraction has been around for 10 years now, and they are dedicated to their mission of spreading awareness to ensure the conservation of the Asian elephant; an endangered species. When you visit, you help contribute to their conservation projects because every penny goes to the saving of these well-loved animals.

The workshop is highly recommended; it is unlike any workshop you’ve ever been to. Here, you can get inspired by their numerous elephants and talented artists as you immerse in an artistic environment and get to design your very own miniature elephant. Paint it however way you’d like; it makes the perfect souvenir, plus, it’s so much fun to paint! They have their own professional and friendly artists who will guide you every step of the way as you create your very own painted elephants.

Visitors of all ages will love a tour of the facilities, which gives you a glimpse into how Thailand’s most popular elephant crafts are made. You get a sneak peek of the fascinating production process into the country’s most famous handicrafts.

Visitors are also invited to come and watch a few short films that tell you all about the production process and the techniques used to make elephant handicrafts. If you are travelling to Chiang Mai with a group of friends, why not book a special workshop for everyone at the Elephant Parade Land? After all, it will all go to a good cause.

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