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Elephants At Home

Elephants at Home

Elephants at Home provides a magical but responsible animal encounter in Chiang Mai.

It is located in the village of Maetoh, a Karen hill tribe village where around 200 people live alongside the elephants.

Elephants at Home Full & Half Day Tour Price, Chiang Mai Thailand

Kids and adults alike will have a blast at the village. Although fun, it’s also one of the more meaningful activities you can do while in Chiang Mai. You will get to meet the members of the Karen hill tribe, who genuinely love and care for the elephants. Their ways of caring for the elephants has been passed on from one generation to another.

Visitors are invited to come and meet the elephants and hill tribe family members. Through the fees you’ll pay for packages and your visit, your money will go a long way in supporting the hill tribe so that they have enough resources to care for their elephants while feeding their family. The business will also mean that the elephants will have a haven, and no longer need to work in abusive tours operations where they are forced to do things to make a quick buck.

The animals you’ll meet at Elephants at Home freely roam in their natural habitat, and live a life that is as close as they could get to being out in the wild where they can no longer survive after domestication. The friendly elephants swim and play in the mud, and regularly forage to the jungle to find food.

Visitors can opt for a half-day, full-day, and overnight program. All the packages allow you to spend a considerable amount of time with the elephants, which will become an experience that you will never forget. Share your love with them as you care for the elephants and bathe them before it’s time to say goodbye.

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Full Day Program
Adult: 2,400 Baht
Child: 1,250 Baht

The Asian Elephant and Water Buffalo Experience
Adult: 2,400 Baht
Child: 1,500 Baht

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