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Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

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Hot air ballooning is a breathtaking way to enjoy the sights of this beautiful city from high above. There is simply nothing that comes close to the sensation you get when you fly above streams, trees, lakes, rice fields, and temples.

This one of a kind adventure will make your Chiang Mai trip unforgettable.

Hot Air Ballooning Chiang Mai, Balloon Flights & Sunrise Rides Price

Ride in a hot air balloon that gently soars above the ground, reaching heights of as much as 2,000 feet. The ambience up in the air is nothing short of tranquil and magical all at the same time. As you get higher, your panoramic view constantly changes until you have a bird’s eye view of the stunning Chiang Mai countryside.

There are usually two flights each day. Each basket can accommodate up to 6 people, although generally there will be one pilot accompanied by four passengers. It’s the perfect activity for romantic occasions such as anniversaries and engagements, but there’s no doubt that it also makes for a fun-filled family activity.

Book your adventure for the winter months, since the temperatures during the rest of the year are too hot. They usually operate early in the morning because balloons require cold conditions to operate safely. The mornings provide the perfect temperatures and climate for an enjoyable ride. Once the flight is over, the pilot will choose the best accessible landing site; a location that is flat and has no obstacles. Once you have safely landed, it is a common tradition to enjoy a champagne toast followed by the issuance of a flight certificate.

Most tour operators can provide you with a hotel drop off and pick up service. Chiang Mai hot air ballooning trips can start with a pickup as early as 5:30am so that you have a chance to experience the sunrise while floating high in the sky.

As you wait for the balloon to be prepared, you will be served refreshments. Bring your camera along as this experience is one you will want to have documented!

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