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Kad Farang Village

Kad Farang Village

The Kad Farang Village is a boutique shopping development in Chiang Mai; offering an impressive range of services for all your needs.

Located around 11km south-west of the Old City on Hang Dong Road, the lifestyle mall has several facilities to cater to families, entrepreneurs, students, shoppers, and travellers alike.

Kad Farang Village, Opening Hours, Stores & Rimping, Chiang Mai

The mall is conveniently located in a charming neighbourhood near residential areas and communities. You’ll also find it on the way to some of the city’s tourist attractions, and there’s a spacious parking area too. But what makes this destination special is its beautiful architecture, which is a combination of Lanna and modern styles. There are shady, lush green areas for relaxation that adds to its tranquil ambience. It’s particularly stunning in the late afternoons and early evenings when lamps hung from the trees light up.

Everything you need while in Chiang Mai can be found here. There’s a large supermarket, restaurants that cater to dine in and take away meals, banks and financial institutions, student services, pharmacies and drug stores, clothing and accessory shops, and so much more. True to its commitment to providing a lifestyle-centred development; there are also business, health, and children’s services.

Not only do they have Thai companies here, but also your favourite international names including KFC, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Daiso, Watsons, Starbucks, and Wine Connection, to name a few. Kids will love their specialised child-friendly facilities including Russia Ballet, a Kumon Centre, Playbot Robotics, and the KF Academy.

Kad Farang Village is divided into five different zones so that customers can easily locate the services and shops that they need. They are Dining, Kids & Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Service & Others, and the Kad Welcome Food Centre.

Whether you are travelling for a long or short stay, you’ll definitely find the services and amenities of this mall useful.

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