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Kad Rincome Fashion Market

Kad Rincome Fashion Market

The Kad Rincome Fashion Market is the ultimate destination in Chiang Mai for shoppers. It’s considered one of the best markets to visit because of its affordable clothes and accessories.

The market is located next to the Maya Shopping Mall along Huay Kaew Road, which makes it a convenient shopping destination – especially for visitors staying in or near the Nimman area.

Kad Rincome Fashion Market, Opening Hours & Address, Chiang Mai

Even though the city has a handful of day and night markets, they all have a unique character. This night market is worth a visit if you want to score cheap goods. It’s well-known among locals and students who want to shop but are on a tight budget. So don’t be surprised if you pop in for a visit and see lots of kids hanging out and shopping, while still wearing their school uniforms.

Despite the affordability of the goods, everything you’ll find here is of excellent quality and style. Men, women, and kids alike will find lots of products here, including jeans, dresses, shirts, jewellery, bags, shorts, and more. The vendors here also sell a variety of useful home items, which may come in handy if you’re staying in Chiang Mai for an extended period. Bath and kitchen wear, simple furniture, and storage baskets can be found here.

Best of all, if you can haggle, you’ll have a chance to get your goods at a much lower price. The cost of goods can also be reduced further if you purchase several products at once from a single vendor. If you enjoy the thrill of finding a great bargain, don’t miss out on the Kad Rincome Fashion Market.

Near the entrance, the market has several food stalls where you can get your fill of Thai noodles, fried rice, and other delicious local delicacies. There’s also a handful of electronics and gadget shops too.

The market is open daily from 4pm to 10:30pm.

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What is the Kad Rincome Fashion Market address?
Huaykaew Rd

Next to Maya Mall, Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai

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What are the Kad Rincome Fashion Market opening hours?
What are the Kad Rincome Fashion Market entry prices?
What is the Kad Rincome Fashion Market phone number?

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