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Khun Chae National Park
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Khun Chae National Park

The Khun Chae National Park in Chiang Rai is a breathtaking vast, forested land that is around 270 square kilometres large and has been a Thai national park since 1995.

The rich, diverse eco-system here is responsible for creating the main tributaries of many rivers and also helped form the spectacular Khun Chae waterfall.

Khun Chae National Park, Hiking, Camping & Accommodation, Thailand

The mountain formations found here are covered by sedimentary and igneous rock as well as granite, with basalt also produced by the volcanoes here. The lush terrain makes it suitable for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors, as there are lots to see and discover.

It’s home to a notable number of plants – thanks to the changes in altitude. There are many different trees and a bamboo forest that thrives in areas that are up 800 meters high, while deciduous forest grows in the area around 1,000 meters high. Head over to an even higher altitude, and amazing rainforests greet you at up to 1,500 meters. Even higher up, you’ll find moss, ferns, and orchids. Don’t forget to bring a camera, because you’ll want to capture all the beautiful flora and fauna here.

Unwind at the Mae Tho Waterfall, which features seven tiers and has water all year round. The highest cascade is 40 meters high, with the best time to see the falls is within the rainy season. The equally beautiful Khun Chae Waterfalls is a 2-tiered fall and also a popular camping site. If you didn’t bring any camping gear, this could be rented nearby.

Doi Mot is an excellent viewpoint, where you’ll have to trek through thick vegetation that blankets the land. Once you get here, you can enjoy sweeping views of both Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Serious adventurers will love the thrill of hiking to the top of Doi Langka, a 2,000-meter-high mountain that requires climbing three or four days to reach the summit.

If you’d like to try fishing, check out the Mae Chang Khao Reservoir, which is also ideal for relaxing picnics.

With all its natural marvels, the Khun Chae National Park should not be missed.

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