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Khun Chang Khian

Khun Chang Khian

Khun Chang Khian is an astonishing attraction in Chiang Mai, where you’ll find the very special cherry blossoms, also known as sakura flowers.

Thailand has its version of Japan’s famous cherry blossoms, and you’ll find it here at the Highland Agriculture Research Centre, operated by the Agricultural Facility of the Chiang Mai University.

Khun Chang Khian, Sakura Cheery Blossom, Cafe & Village, Chiang Mai

In fact, this is the only cherry blossom sanctuary of Thailand. It is the result of the efforts of the research centre to attract more visitors to the area, and so they planted these amazing cherry blossom trees which thrive in the perfect altitude and temperatures.

However, it is one of Chiang Mai’s most underrated tourist attractions because it’s usually frequented by locals as opposed to tourists. But this can be a good thing, as during your visit you won’t have to compete with flocks of other travellers to get a good photo and you get to enjoy the place in peace.

The sanctuary is so tranquil and picturesque; you’ll want to spend the entire day here. If you get hungry or thirsty, a small cafe offering refreshments and delicious snacks is available. Munch on sweet potatoes, tasty and savoury northern Thai sausages, warm up with some noodle soup and finish it up with ice cream. The coffee up here is also among the best, so don’t forget to try it.

The best time to visit the cherry blossom sanctuary is during January, when temperatures drop, providing favourable conditions for these delicate flowers to bloom.

To get to Khun Chang Khian, visitors will have to rent the services of skilled drivers who know how to manoeuvre the roads. It is not advisable to drive up here yourself, because the roads are narrow and often the traffic is heavy. The songthaews or red taxi trucks are the most efficient means of getting up here, so make your arrangements ahead of time.

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