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King Mengrai Monument

King Mengrai Monument

The King Mengrai Monument is located at the junction of Maesai and Maechan District in Chiang Rai, close to the Super Highway.

Historical records show that King Mengrai was the 25th King of Thailand. Mengrai is credited with setting the foundations for Chiang Rai on Doi Thong following the change from its original foundation.

King Mengrai Monument & Chiang Rai Statue Location, Thailand

In the mid-13th century he was instituted as the King, the first from his family. Part of his stellar reign was the convergence of small towns to create a large and, arguably, the most successful kingdom in Northern Thailand.

The King Mengrai Monument was sculpted from bronze. The intricate design shows the king in traditional regalia that was adorned by the king in ancient Lanna, complete with a sword. A closer look reveals a set of rings on the index finger of the left hand, while the right hand features multiple rings on two fingers and a traditional bracelet.

The monument is three metres tall and is inscribed with the following: ‘King Mengrai 1238-1311 who first founded the city of Chiang Rai in 1262, established Thai Lanna Kingdom and united the Thai into one‘. The inscription befits the stature of such a legendary king. It is therefore little wonder that, centuries later, his legacy lives on.

The next time you visit Chiang Rai, your tour will not be complete until you have paid your respects to the man credited with founding the city as it is known today.

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What is the King Mengrai Monument address?
Phahonyothin Rd / Highway Route 1
At the intersection of Singhaclai Rd, Wiang, Mueang Chiang Rai

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