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Lampang Night Market

Lampang Night Market

The Lampang Night Market offers an authentic shopping experience in the heart of Lampang.

If you are looking for a less touristy market full of beautiful and inexpensive items, as well as food and drinks, this market shouldn’t be missed.

Lampang Night Market, Kad Kong Ta Street Market Times & Address

Located just 90 minutes from Chiang Mai, Lampang has lots of surprises for the curious traveller. This market is one of them; it has a lovely ambience and lots of bustling activity with the locals. It’s open only on Saturday and Sunday evenings, so make sure to schedule your visit within this timeframe. Find the market on Talad Gao Road, the street and nearby areas come alive with stall after stall of interesting things for sale.

Make sure you bring an appetite because there is so much delicious food here to tickle your palate. The street food here is inexpensive, and some of the best you’ll find in northern Thailand. Local folk music fills the air as you shop for stunning handicrafts, clothing, and other souvenirs.

This market is one-of-a-kind because they sell much more unique items than what you’ll commonly find in the markets of Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Yes, that means no wooden frogs! The market is also a great place to sharpen your haggling skills!

It has a lively ambience and filled with locals. The vendors are extremely friendly and will be happy to help you pick an item out that you’re happy with. Staying in the area for a weekend or a few days will be a nice change from the pace of Chiang Mai. In fact, many feel that this area is exactly what Chiang Mai was several decades ago.

So if you’re going to visit the Lampang Night Market, why not make a trip out of it and book a hotel? There are lots to discover in this location which was once the site of a thriving teak industry.

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