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Rama Ix Lanna Park

Rama IX Lanna Park

The Lanna Rama IX Park is a tranquil green oasis that is perfect for relaxing; far enough from the busy and touristy areas of Chiang Mai.

There are tons of grassy open and shaded areas where you can unwind, enjoy a drink, and even have a picnic.

Rama IX Lanna Park, Opening Hours, Address & Playground, Chiang Mai

It’s also a popular stop along the jogging routes for the locals in the mornings, so if you’re feeling that way inclined, it’s a scenic place to get some exercise in.

They also have well-established bike trails, where locals take their dogs for a stroll. If you’d like to see where many of the locals spend their time, this park is highly recommended. There are also the occasional Buddhist statues that dot the park, amidst all the lush greens. During certain times of the year, there will be events held at the park. From festivals to small concerts and more, these events are a great way to make new friends.

Come to the park in the evening, and the area comes alive with several food and drink stalls serving delicious dinner fare, snacks, and refreshments. If you are looking for an alternative night-time destination where you can down beers and relax, look no further than this park.

It’s also a good place to get a view of the sunset. Many locals also come to the park for bird watching, so if this is your cup of tea, it’s good to know that this is an excellent place right on the city’s fringes to enjoy it.

Right behind the Lanna Rama 9 Park is the Tribal Museum; an equally fascinating place to stop by before or after your visit.

The park is located in the Chang Phueak area in Chiang Mai; an area filled with lots of tourist attractions close by. If you want to stay near the park, there is a good selection of hotels in the area.

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