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Lod Cave

Lod Cave

Lod Cave, also known as Tham Lod, is a set of limestone caves and rivers located in the northern-Thai city of Pai.

Guided tours are available through the caves for a small price where you will be guided through dark caverns by lantern or bamboo raft.

Lod Cave Tours, Tham Lod Cavern Prices & Location, Thailand

These caves do not have any lights or rails installed as you may see at other tourist destinations, so the best and really only) way to safely view the caves is to take a tour guide with you. Head to the cave office and hire a guide, the prices are cheap and it is well worth it so that you make the most of your trip.

There are three main chambers to the caves and you will need to climb up into the chambers via a not-so-steady staircase. Once inside, you will be able to view some amazing stalactites as well as thousands of bats who call the cave home. There is an abundance of fish in the shallow waters and you can purchase fish food for 50 THB per bag.

The tour will take around 1-1.5 hours with your guide, and will cost around 450 THB for two people to be accompanied by a guide. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes as once inside the cave, some rocks can get slippery. It is also a good idea to bring your own torch and some hand wipes, you WILL touch bat droppings at some stage!

You can get there via scooter, the ride heading north from Pai and taking around 1.5 hours. There are some steep sections which may be challenging for a small scooter and two people, but it can be done. Otherwise, grab a tour from Pai in a mini-bus or car.

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What is the Lod Cave address?
Off Route 1095
Travel north-west along Route 1095 for 40km / 50mins and then turn north once you reach the Northern Hill Guest House
Now travel north for just over 7km following the signs along the way to the cave, Tham Lot, Pang Mapha

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What are the Lod Cave entry prices?

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