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Mae Ya Waterfall
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Mae Ya Waterfall

Mae Ya waterfall is one of Thailand’s best and biggest waterfalls. It is amazingly scenic too, with its stunning cascades pouring through verdant jungles.

Located within the Doi Inthanon National Park, it is the highest falls you’ll find here and it’s definitely a must-visit attraction while you’re in the park.

Mae Ya Waterfall, Entrance Fee, Hours & Tour, Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai

The tranquil environment of the falls makes it a great choice for relaxation. It’s quiet here, and there aren’t hoards of other travellers. You may find some locals who come here to unwind, and children frolicking in the puddles. The majestic height of these falls makes it truly spectacular; it’s 30 stories high and thin layers of water gently flow down 200 meters of rocks, making it look like they’re covered in layers of white curtains. But during the rainy season, there’s much more water and it’s such a joy to swim in.

For safety, make sure to wear appropriate footwear when going to the falls. The path and the falls itself can be quite slippery. Bring some food and snacks along, but otherwise, there will also be some vendors selling local delicacies on the way. The lush green area surrounding the falls are perfect picnic spots. After swimming, there are lots to explore within the forest, as well as in the national park. If you’d like, you can even camp out at Mae Ya waterfall if you bring your own camping equipment.

Some tourist facilities available nearby include small restaurants, parking lots, and restrooms. There is a small admission fee to enter the park, which will already include the entrance fee for the waterfall itself. To get here, drive on Highway 108 for about 60 kilometres. Once you see a crossroads that takes you to Doi Inthanon National Park, that will be the cue that you’ve arrived near the falls.

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