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Maetang Elephant Park

Maetang Elephant Park

The Maetang Elephant Park is an elephant sanctuary nestled along the banks of the beautiful Maetang River – just 50 kilometres away from Chiang Mai.

The story of the park’s history goes back to 1989 when the government imposed a logging ban in Thailand.

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Since the elephants were used in the logging industry; the logging ban meant that they no longer had to work. While this is positive news, it also meant that the elephants had nowhere to go; as a result, they ended up roaming the streets or were forced to work for illegal logging firms.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the Chailert family, they created a haven for these animals so that visitors can support them. The park also provided an opportunity for the family to spread awareness about the plight of elephants in Thailand.

Ever since the park opened in 1996, the family has taken great care and invested the money as well as time to ensure the well-being of the elephants and their future generations. Numerous babies have been birthed here since they now have a safe place to live and roam without worrying about harm and abuse.

In 2006, the park’s clinic was opened. It was initially designed for taking care of pregnant elephants, but eventually, the scope of medical services expanded. Since then, the park has continuously evolved to ensure that the needs of the local elephants, as well as the community, are being met in a sustainable and ethical manner.

The Maetang Elephant Park provides a terrific opportunity for visitors to meet these gentle giants, and show them some love even if it means just a few hours of your day. Learn what goes on in taking care of the elephants, why the mahout is so essential in the elephant’s life, and how to feed them.

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