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Miracle Cabaret Chiang Mai

Miracle Cabaret Chiang Mai

Miracle Cabaret Chiang Mai is the first show of its kind in the area. Established in 2015, the cabaret is composed of over 200 exceptionally talented performers who will blow you away with their fantastic dances and songs.

They’re one of the biggest cabarets in all of Thailand and a legendary one at that.

Miracle Cabaret Chiang Mai, Show Times, Entry Prices & Address Location

There’s a show every night here, making it easy to squeeze in at least one during your visit. While enjoying the show, the restaurant serves up a range of Western and Thai favourites, as well as many premium libations to choose from. All performances are done by stunning Thai talents whose amazing moves demand a standing ovation every time.

Each performance lasts an hour and 15 minutes, and there are a total of 465 seats to cater to the huge demand. Choose from 243 regular seats but for the best experience, shell out a little more for one of the 222 VIP seats. If you’re coming with a group of 10, you can opt for a set menu, but there are also ala carte food options available. The rates are incredibly affordable, and it makes for a fun, entertaining night out in Chiang Mia; far more different than a regular bar or club.

Watching a show is an excellent introduction into the Thai culture known as ‘ladyboys’, but these professional artists will have you taking a second glance. The stage production design is also incredible – they don’t cut corners with costumes and dacor. If you’ve never been to such a show before, come with an open mind because it will be one of the best experiences you’ll have in Chiang Mai.

Catch a show at the Miracle Cabaret Chiang Mai, located at 117 Chang Phueak Road behind the Tops Supermarket.

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