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Mork Fa Waterfall

Mork Fa Waterfall

The Mork Fa Waterfall is an amazing natural attraction near Chiang Mai. It’s one of the area’s most underrated waterfalls, so don’t expect many travellers here. This is what keeps this place so pristine and clean.

The waterfall makes up part of the Doi Suthep – Pui National Park; located deep in the lush jungles of northern Thailand.

Mork Fa Waterfall, Address, Entry Fees & Opening Hours, Chiang Mai

The single-tiered waterfall stands a majestic 60 meters in height and is stunning during the dry season. There are crystal clear waters at its base, perfect for cooling off during a nice swim, especially after hiking. Once you reach the national park office, there are two available trails to get to the falls. The nature trail is highly recommended, and it isn’t much further than taking the direct route; however, it will reward you with stunning jungle scenery.

When heading back, take the route that’s nearby the river. After the main waterfall, you’ll find a smaller one known as Ob Noi, which flows through a tiny gorge. While you’re here, check out the Tham Mok Fa bat cave, where thousands of bats live. Nature lovers will enjoy the nature trail, where you can do a lot of fun outdoor activities like camping, swimming in natural pools, bird watching, and good old exploring fun.

Mork Fa Waterfall is particularly picturesque in the mornings when sunlight drenches the streams and nearby vegetation. You might even get to see a rainbow right here! It’s just as special during autumn and winter, when the weather is cooler, and it has a relaxing ambience. These times of year are also when the water is more powerful and crashes onto the pool loudly. White fog envelopes the area for a truly magical sight.

If you’d like to spend a night or two here, there are nearby homestays and campgrounds to stay in.

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What is the Mork Fa Waterfall address?
South-West off Route 1095
6km west from the Route 3052 Intersection, Sop Poeng, Mae Taeng

Please visit our website for more information on the Mork Fa Waterfall.
What are the Mork Fa Waterfall opening hours?
What are the Mork Fa Waterfall entry prices?
Adult (Thai): 20 Baht
Child (Thai): 10 Baht
Adult (Foreigner): 100 Baht
Child (Foreigner): 50 Baht
Bicycles: Free
Motorbike: 20 Baht
Cars: 30 Baht
Buses: 100 Baht

Please visit our website for more information on the Mork Fa Waterfall.
What is the Mork Fa Waterfall phone number?
What is the Mork Fa Waterfall email address?

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