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Oub Kham Museum

Oub Kham Museum

Oub Kham Museum is an attraction in Thailand’s Chiang Rai province and is home to a diverse range of memorabilia from across the former Lanna Kingdom.

In addition to these collectables from the kingdom, the unique museum also houses artefacts and paraphernalia that were used by an ethnic group known as the Tai.

Oub Kham Museum Admission Price & Opening Hours, Chiang Rai

The brain behind the creation of the museum is Julasak Suriyachai, a retired Thai teacher whose passion for the preservation of traditional artefacts saw him convert his residential home to a museum. He made a collection of amazing and unique artefacts ranging from a grand carved throne for Lanna royalty to a zany food taster carved from monkey bone. Originally starting with lacquerware, soon the collection also included silver, jewellery and clothing.

“Oub Kham” refers to a golden bowl used by royals and visitors will also be able to see the throne of the royal palace of Chiang Tung. The Oub Kham Museum aims to educate Thai people about their history, as recently as the 1990s, there was very little awareness among Thai people about their own heritage. This museum aims to change that.

Arriving guests are ushered in by a tour guide who will take you through the museum, explaining the highlights of the facility. The walks, available in English, are mandatory and will also include a stroll through the man-made cave that houses multiple Buddha statues.

Look out for the giant nagas, statues of serpents, that are believed to protect the temple from harm. There are dozens of idyllic fountains and magnificent waterfalls. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the museum in order to preserve the artefacts housed here.

The museum is located just 3kms west of Chiang Rai city, however most tuk tuk drivers know of its location and can take you there for around 60 THB.

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