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Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai

Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai

The Pantip Plaza in Chiang Mai is the city’s number one IT marketplace. Whether you are looking to shop or have one of your gadgets repaired, this place will have something for you.

The mall is well-known for offering high standards and premium products, as well as professional services from their skilled servicemen.

Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai, IT Mall Shops, Opening Hours, Parking & Map

Finding what you need within the mall is so easy and efficient. There are stores for everything you need: software, hardware, computer accessories, networking, repair, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even second-hand items. Music players, digital cameras, game consoles, printers, and scanners are also found here. On the ground floor, there are food and drink vendors, as well as food courts, where visitors can stop by for an inexpensive bite to eat.

The original branch is located in Bangkok, but due to high demand and impressive services, they eventually opened one up in Chiang Mai. Other branches are found on Bangkapi Road and in Nonthaburi. These shopping malls have a strong emphasis on catering to the high-tech life, and it’s evident with their dedication to providing excellent product and service to locals, ex-pats, travellers, and even students with their terrific price points. Additionally, their entry into the Chiang Mai market has helped position the city into northern Thailand’s technology hub. Both malls were recently refurbished to give consumers an even better tech shopping experience.

The Pantip Plaza is conveniently located near the night bazaar and encompasses around 14,000 square meters, with more than 40 brands and stores present plus hundreds of smaller kiosks. The mall is also an attraction to gamers (a large market in Thailand), who come to use the high-end computers and facilities to compete in international and local gaming events.

The shopping mall is located on the corner of Chang Klan Road and Sri Donchai Road.

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