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Pha Soet Hot Spring
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Pha Soet Hot Spring

The Pha Soet Hot Spring is a relaxing natural pool bath within Baan Pha Soet in Chiang Rai. There are communal pools, as well as private pools, with rooms also available.

These thermal, hot pools provide comforting heat; especially when temperatures drop in northern Thailand, and it becomes cool.

Pha Soet Hot Spring, Address, Entry Fees & Opening Hours, Chiang Rai

The best time to experience the heat of these pools is from November to February. Although these areas don’t experience cold in the same way that the southern and northern hemisphere does, it’s considered very cold for this part of the world.

To avoid swimming with many other travellers, visit the pools when it’s early in the morning. This way, you have better chances of having it all to yourself.

The main pool is cemented in, and one of the popular activities here is to boil your very own eggs! That’s how hot the water gets. Boiling eggs is a fun activity that the kids will love, while adults can enjoy the therapeutic hot waters. The hot springs are rich in minerals including bicarbonate, carbon dioxide, sodium chloride, sulphate, fluoride and iron. If the cold weather is making you feel ill, a few minutes here will make you feel a lot better.

There is also a small park within the grounds where you can eat, as well as enjoy a massage. There are terrific views of the nearby highlands, where locals grow world-class tea. Across the springs is a tiny pier, where visitors can rent boats for exploring the other side of the river.

Overall, Pha Soet Hot Springs is a laid-back destination during the chilly months in Chiang Rai. Just a few hours here will be worth the trip, especially if you’re on your way to see other nearby attractions.

It’s a well-loved destination for locals looking to unwind and relax – both young and old. There are minimal entrance fees to use the facilities.

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