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Pongyang Jungle Coaster & Zipline

Pongyang Jungle Coaster & Zipline

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The Pongyang Zipline and Jungle Coaster in Mae Rim is a thrilling outdoor destination for the whole family.

If you enjoy the rush of adrenaline and excitement, this place is not to be missed.

Pongyang Jungle Coaster & Zipline Prices & Opening Hours, Chiang Mai

The zipline features 12 platforms above the dense green jungles, a one-of-a-kind jungle coaster, and a unique jungle bike experience.

Although there are many activities you can choose from here, the highlight is the zipline, and you wouldn’t’ want to miss this. The Jungle Coaster is another fun adventure where passengers are driven in twin-bob sledges through a railed toboggan at a speed of 40km/hour all at heights – between 1 to 6 meters off the ground. Think of it as a rollercoaster but right smack in the jungle – that’s how awesome this ride is!

The QUICKJump is another exceptional activity offered at the Pongyang Zipline and Jungle Coaster. Jumpers go on an exciting free fall before a gentle catch that will slowly lower you to the ground in safety.

There are various packages available inclusive of buffet meals on-site, coffee and tea, comprehensive insurance, a bottle of water, and a t-shirt for a souvenir. After all the activities are done, visitors are invited to have a delicious brew and snack at the Vienna Coffee shop.

To join any of the activities, it is important to ensure that you are in good physical health. If you suffer from high blood pressure or other heart conditions, head or back injuries, or other skeletal problems, joining the activities may only increase the risk for accidents. Additionally, they will only accept participants who are between aged 4 to 70 with a maximum weight of 100kg. Kids below 12 years old are required to be accompanied by a guardian or parent during the activities, and to sign the waiver on behalf of the minor.

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