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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing offers a fantastic experience in Chiang Mai. Although Thailand is well-known for its massive limestone rocks, especially in Railay and Krabi, this part of the country offers the same activity but in a scenic environment tucked away amongst rice paddies and bamboo forests.

There are several great locations for this sport.

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Crazy Horse Mountain is the most popular choice, while Chiang Dao is remote but offers breathtaking scenery. Crazy Horse Mountain gets its name from one of the rocks which resembles a horse. The environment in which this spot is located has several amenities, including restaurants and shaded bamboo huts.

Climbers of all levels can participate in this activity. Beginner to advanced levels are available, and each route is equally thrilling. The Crazy Horse Buttress has around 15 cliffs, and their heights range from 15 to as much as 90 meters in height. The cliffs here include multi-pitch roofs, jamming cracks, and technical slabs.

Aircon Wall is another popular climbing spot, especially during the peak sunlight hours of the day because it will lead you to the mouth of a cave where you can enjoy a refreshing breeze and shade. The climbs here tend to be steep and short, with a smattering of a few sharp rocks. Most climbers enjoy combining the Crazy Horse Buttress with Aircon Wall.

The Furnace receives lots of sunshine all day, which means that you will be exposed to heat the entire time. Regardless of this, it’s one of the most popular spots to climb because the rocks provide a fun and consistent challenge. Other notable climb spots include the Ant Hill and Anxiety State Crisis Cave.

There’s no need to worry about equipment if you want to join in, with tour operators already providing professional equipment for rent. The cliffs here are protected, thanks to the efforts of a local group. They partner with the locals so that travellers are well-acquainted with Thai culture and traditions each time they undertake the activity. The use of lift systems also helps generate extra income for the locals.

Most of the walls have free water refilling stations, which comes in handy for climbers while reducing the impact on the environment.

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