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Ruamchok Mall

Ruamchok Mall

Ruamchok Mall is a lifestyle shopping centre in Chiang Mai. It is a complete mall with dozens of useful services to cater to the locals as well as tourists.

Whether you’re in need of some necessities which you may have left behind, or want to relax in air-conditioned comfort to escape the heat of Chiang Mai, you can do that all here.

Ruamchok Mall, Restaurants, Stores, Hours & Address, Chiang Mai

This is also where you’ll find an exciting Lego concept store which the kids will surely love. If you’ve run out of children-friendly activities in Chiang Mai, you can count on this toy store within the shopping centre to keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

If you’d like to purchase food or fresh ingredients, check out the supermarket. They are complete with everything you need; you may even want to take home a few Thai condiments or pre-made food mixes so that you can recreate your favourite dishes here even when you’re home. The mall is conveniently located within a residential and business area, so it’s close to lots of other amenities that you may need. These include Meechok Plaza, pharmacies, coffee shops, fast-food chains, second-hand markets, luggage shops, bakeries, and much more.

In fact, you may want to check out the Ruamchok Mall area for a day out to explore and see what goods are available here. It’s less busy compared to Nimman Road and the establishments in those touristy areas, so if you’d like to stay away from the crowds but immerse in local life, this area is highly recommended. Occasionally, the shopping centre also holds some fun events as well as promos, so check them out as soon as you arrive to get the most out of your trip.

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