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Siam Insect Zoo

Siam Insect Zoo

The Siam Insect Zoo is a discovery museum and live insect breeding farm located in Mae Rim, just 20 minutes north of Chiang Mai.

The Siam Insect Zoo is the work of entomologist Pisuth Ek-Amnuay who has been collecting insects for over 30 years. Today, the zoo invites visitors to come and explore this world of insects.

Siam Insect Zoo, Ticket Prices & Opening Hours, Mae Rim Chiang Mai

Bring along your family and friends to this zoo where you will have a fun hands-on experience with insects from all over the world. You will also be able to view a huge range of insects on display including butterflies, spiders, dragonflies, mosquitoes and beetles, just to name a few.

Take a stroll through the butterfly garden where you will be able to see flowers and native vegetation as well as beautiful butterflies, dragonflies and other insects. You will also be able to see how these insects are bred with stick-insects and orchid mantis in varied stages of breeding.

There is plenty of information on hand in English where you can learn about camouflaged insects, insects with amazing endurance and insects that are the best hunters in the wild.

So come along and explore the Siam Insect Museum the next time you are visiting Chiang Mai.

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What is the Siam Insect Zoo address?
Nam Tok Mae Sa 6 Alley
(off Maerim-Samoeng Road, 4kms west from main highway 107), Mae Raem, Mae Rim

Please visit our website for more information on the Siam Insect Zoo.
What are the Siam Insect Zoo opening hours?
What are the Siam Insect Zoo entry prices?
What is the Siam Insect Zoo phone number?

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