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Sibsongpanna Khantoke

Sibsongpanna Khantoke

Sibsongpanna Khantoke is testament to the importance of traditional culture in Thailand, and attracts locals and foreigners from all over the world.

People visit Thailand for a myriad of reasons, and if you are the traveller looking for a cultural experience of a lifetime, look no further than this. This is a dinner show that embraces the rich culture present while presenting visitors with a delightful travel experience.

Sibsongpanna Khantoke, Dinner Dance Show Chiang Mai, Thailand

Just as is the case with many countries in Asia, such an experience involves welcoming locals with a vigorous local dance. Typically, this bit is included in your travel package should you settle for the services of a tour agency.

The food will then be served, and this is perhaps the most significant part of Sibsongpanna Khantoke. As with other Thai dishes, the food is quite spicy, so you may want to avoid giving the kids this food. Alternatively, make a special request to have the food served less spicy.

The performances will carry on as you indulge in your meal. The dancers are adorned in traditional regalia, and it is a marvel to watch the graceful moves in the colourful attire. It is not uncommon for tourists to plan attendance in large groups, particularly for those who fancy a fun cultural experience.

The amazing aura of Sibsongpanna Khantoke makes it an ideal activity right before your departure date. Think of this as a wrap-up experience of sorts, a last chance to indulge in Thai culture and possibly fill your tummy with Oriental delicacies unique to this part of the country.

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What is the Sibsongpanna Khantoke address?
66/2 Moo 10
The road is just west 800m south of the Canal Rd & Suthep Rd Intersection, Suthep, Mueang Chiang Mai

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