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Sri Lanna National Park
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Sri Lanna National Park

Sri Lanna National Park is the 8th largest national park in the country; being declared as the 60th national park in Thailand on August 1989; It covers 1,406 square kilometres of the mountainous area from Prao, Chiang Dao, and Mae Taeng areas; all of which are regions in the province of Chiang Mai.

The park provides a safe sanctuary for a diverse range of wildlife species. It is also home to natural, clean water sources and lush forests.

Sri Lanna National Park, Floating Houses & Accommodation, Chiang Mai

This is a beautiful place to visit for anyone travelling to Chiang Mai, and one of the most stunning national parks in the country. The tranquil environment and its natural beauty will take your breath away. The park is home to many beautiful sites including the Mon Hin Lai Waterfall, which features several tiers of beautiful cascades. It is also the source of headwater for tributaries including the Mae Ngat River and the Ping River.

The highest peak in the park is Doi Chom Hot, with an altitude of 1,718 meters. Several ethnic groups also call the park home. These are various groups from Northern Thailand including the Karen and Akka tribes, Lahus, Lisuos, and the Muang.

Sri Lanna National Park is an important national treasure as it serves as a haven for numerous mammal species including the sambar deer, tigers, Asiatic black bear, common wild boar, macaque, Siamese hare, the common muntjak, and many more. You may also encounter various birds, including the bulbul, coucal, duck, barbet, and egret.

The rainy season at the park is from May to October, while the winter months are November to February and the summer months are from March to April. The rugged terrain requires visitors to wear appropriate shoes – especially during the rainy months.

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