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Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall

Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall

The Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall is a popular shopping centre in Chiang Mai.

Although frequented by locals, visitors who are looking to kill time while waiting at the Arcade Bus Terminal can also relax here because it offers air-conditioned shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall Chiang Mai, Opening Hours, Stores & Address

There are three stories of shops and establishments found in this mall, as well as adequate parking facilities. There is a wide range of retail outlets, as well as electronics, restaurants, and travel goods. It isn’t as hectic or busy as other shopping centres in Chiang Mai, so it’s actually a great place to relax, window shop, and hang out. The toilers are clean, too!

Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall is smaller, so it’s easy to explore all the shops within a few hours. They also have an excellent craft beer selection which is conveniently located right next to the Arcade Bus Terminal. The food court is modern and elegant; a terrific place to find affordable Thai and international dishes for cheap. The mall is popular with locals especially during weekends and lunch breaks, but if you visit during the week, it’s less crowded and more enjoyable.

The mall also has a 300-square meter supermarket that has everything you need. Rimping is compact, yet offers an extensive range of food and household items from Thailand, as well as abroad. Rimping is a name synonymous to quality groceries in Thailand, and in particular, is well-known for their delicious baked goods from the oven, as well as the takeaway eat-to-eat meals. If you need to shop for food and produce during your visit, a quick stop to this supermarket makes it easy to locate what you are looking for at inexpensive prices.

The mall is located the Hwy Chiang Mai-Lampang Frontage Rd in the Wat Ket area.

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