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Suan Dok Gate

Suan Dok Gate

The Suan Dok Gate is a notable landmark in Chiang Mai; located on the western side of the Old City’s moat that leads onto Suthep Road.

The gate itself is located positioned approximately one kilometre east of Wat Suan Dok.

Suan Dok Gate, History & West Old City Wall Gate Location, Chiang Mai

Surrounding the gate are many of the city’s important sights, but this temple is perhaps the most beautiful of all. It was built by the King Kue Na of the ancient Lanna kingdom for a monk named Sumana Thera, back in 1370 CE. The temple was established right in the centre of the old walled settlements. In fact, satellite images can still find traces of the fortifications, while some of the earthen walls are still evident north of Suthep Road. The Wat Buppharam temple was actually named after the king’s flower garden.

Legend has it that Sumana Thera, a monk of the Sukhothai Kingdom, had a vision which revealed the relic of the Buddha. The vision dictated that the Buddha’s relic needed to be kept in Chiang Mai, and the king invited him to stay at Wat Phra Yuen as he had the Wat Buppharam built. Mysteriously, once the relic was ready to be kept in the brand-new temple, there was a duplicate. So they housed one of the relics while the other was placed behind a white elephant which climbed the Doi Suthep mountain, where it is said to have made a trumpeting sound three times in a row and then died. Today, the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep stands in the exact same place where the elephant died in order to safely store the second relic.

When visiting the Suan Dok Gate, head over to the temple to see its magnificent features. One of the most striking of them is the massive 48-meter high chedi, which has been built using Sri Lankan design. Inside, you’ll also find the impressive ubosot which houses a 4.7-meter-high Buddha statue made of bronze.

The temple grounds also houses the white mausoleums, where the cremated remains of the Chiang Mai royal family are found.

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