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Ton Payom

Ton Payom

Ton Payom is a market in Chiang Mai that any market lover will appreciate. This is where you can find a wide assortment of the freshest local produce, herbs, and spices that are widely used in Thai cooking as well as a number of other surprises worth discovering.

Located just around 5 minutes away from the west gate of Chiang Mai’s old wall (Suthep Gate), this is the place to go if you’re shopping for local ingredients.

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This is a one-stop shopping destination for all kinds of produce. From rambutan, durian, young coconuts, pineapples, mangoes, bananas, vegetables, and more, you’ll find them here. Some vendors also sell condiments such as chilli paste in all levels of spiciness, which you can take home and enjoy at your leisure.

If you’ve booked a self-catering apartment, don’t forget to stop by the market to purchase ingredients for your meals. They also sell rice noodles, rice, tofu, bean sprouts, and just about everything else you’d need to assemble a wide range of Thai dishes; all at extremely low prices.

In a covered area of the market, carnivores will go nuts at the assortment of fresh meat here. There are all kinds; from beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, the Ton Payom Market is as complete as they get. You’ll also find exotic delicacies such as barbecued frogs and deep-fried pig skin. The trick to appreciating this market is to come with an open mind. It is Thailand, after all!

Locals also frequent this place to purchase ready-to-eat food to eat at home or in the office. Vendors here sell freshly cooked Thai curries, noodles, fried rice, and many more popular favourites. The best part about shopping in this market is that all the food here, fresh and cooked, is on the cheap.

Aside from famous local dishes, go explore the market deeper to locate the stalls that sell northern Thai delicacies such as sausages and more.

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