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Wat Chai Mongkhon

Wat Chai Mongkhon

Wat Chai Mongkhon is an impressive Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai. It’s one of the top temples to visit in the area and is steeped in a rich, colourful history.

The temple has numerous exciting details to discover both inside and outside.

Wat Chai Mongkhon, Buddhist Temple Address & Hours, Chiang Mai

Anyone keen to learn about Buddhism is welcome to stop by this gorgeous temple. It is still an important place of worship for the locals, and if you visit, you may get to observe just some of the religious activities being conducted. If you feel inclined, you can even donate here to help with the upkeep and maintenance of the temple.

As you step inside, it’s hard not to marvel at the massive golden Buddha statue, with a 7-headed Nagas also found inside. The pagoda is designed in traditional old Lanna style, so be sure to spend a few minutes to appreciate and inspect the little details that make this temple unique. If you meditate, this temple is a great place to do so because of its tranquillity and silence.

Keep in mind the proper attire for visiting any temple. At all times, knees and shoulders must be covered; this rule applies to both men and women. If you don’t have the proper clothing, you have the option of wearing a scarf or pashmina around your shoulders or legs. Visitors will also be asked to leave their shoes outside, so you may want to wear or bring socks along.

The Wat Chai Mongkhon is found west of the Chiang Mai Old City, so it’s pretty easy to get to. You can choose to get here on foot, by bicycle, or by car. It’s open daily from 6am to 8pm, but before your visit, make sure to check if any important Buddhist celebrations are going on that day because the temple may be closed.

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What is the Wat Chai Mongkhon address?
133 Charoen Prathet Rd, Chang Khlan, Mueang Chiang Mai

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What are the Wat Chai Mongkhon opening hours?
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