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Wat Chai Phrakiat

Wat Chai Phrakiat

Wat Chai Phrakiat is a historic Buddhist temple located in Chiang Mai. Located near the city centre, this temple’s name means ‘temple of the renowned victory.

Although small, the temple is worth checking out for its numerous intricate details.

Wat Chai Phrakiat, Buddhist Temple, Address & Hours, Chiang Mai

Here, you’ll find the essential elements of a Buddhist temple: a viharn, a chedi, and ubosot. The viharn is designed in Lanna style, and it is also the temple’s biggest building. The roof has two tiers while the front gable is embellished with sparkling golden flowers against a blue background. The stairway’s bottom is adorned with white and gold Burmese lions known as the Chinthe, which are added to protect the hall.

The primary Buddha image of the temple is housed in a beautiful ornate niche. The bronze statue of Buddha sits in a Mara posture, built in 1566, when the Burmese occupied Chiang Mai. On its base, you will find an inscription written by a Burmese commander who requested for the image cast, telling the history of the image in Burmese, Thai, and Mon languages.

The ubosot stands next to the chedi; it is the hall where new monks get ordained. Ferocious Naga serpents from Lanna mythology flank the staircase to the entrance, while the red door is embellished with golden flowers and various divine beings. The chedi is located between the ubosot and the viharn, where a white chedi made in Burmese style sits on a square base topped by a golden bell, a seven-tiered hti, and a spire.

Getting to the Wat Chai Phrakiat is accessible from the city centre. Just head over to Thanon Ratchadamnoen, which is east of Wat Phra Singh. The temple is free for all to visit and is open every day.

When visiting the temple, you’ll also find many other historic attractions in this area as it’s one of Chiang Mai’s oldest districts.

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